Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scenic Drive: Highway 134

Distance: 27 Miles
Highest Point: Gore Pass at 9,527 ft

Rolling hills and Aspen stands dominate Highway 134

Highway 134 is a short, paved, 27-mile, east-west route that starts 6 miles north of Kremmling. Its western terminus is near Topanas on highway 131. On this trip, I did not drive all the way to Topanas, however but turned north onto County Rd 16 going towards Stagecoach Reservoir. I also took a side trip onto CO Hwy 117 because it was filled with Aspens. Hwy 117, a dirt road, dips down into ranching country, becomes County Rd 16, and then regains Hwy 134. Note, this side trip crosses a large stream. Low clearance vehicles are not advised.

Looking down into Forest Service Blacktail Creek Campground. The camp sites are nestled in juvenile Aspens

Another stand of Aspens

My destination...The Flat Tops Wilderness... seen through a stand of Aspens

The highest point on Highway 134 is Gore Pass at 9,527 ft. Much of the topography is Sagebrush shrub lands mixed with Aspens on the hillsides.

CO Hwy 117 detour

This stand of Aspens was visible from Hwy 134. I could not help but drive up to it and walk along the dirt road for a while. The air was a balmy 70°. Fall had come to the Rockies.

Past the Aspen grove, Hwy 117 dips down into a valley. This ranch came into view. We passed the rancher, a hardy woman, fixing her barb wire fence.

Past the ranch house was this old cabin. You can see the Sagebrush covering the empty hillsides.

A close up of the Sagebrush with an Aspen-covered hillside in the distance.


~Cheryl said...

Wow! These fill my heart and soul!

Linda said...

Aspen heaven.

sylvia murphy said...

Just wait. This was the least of what I saw on my recent tour of the state. Stay tuned!

Marc said...

Great pictures! We took a quick day trip with our kids over Kenosha Pass a few weeks back, and the colors this year were amazing, best I've seen in years. Great site!

Jennifer (Rainey) Mason said...

Great pics! Its been a beautiful autumn in the mountains this year.