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Distance: 2.5 miles round trip
Elevation: 9,256 ft - 9,821 ft
Elevation Gain: 565 ft
Dogs: Off Leash
Bathroom at Trailhead: No
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The easy Tenderfoot trail offers stunning views of Lake Dillon
The Tenderfoot Trail near Dillon Colorado is a short but scenic outing up a west-facing hillside with "living the dream" views of both Lake Dillon and the Tensile Range. It is great as an after work doggie outing or an early morning stroll before the heat of the day.
The water treatment facility entrance near the parking lot
The road just as it exits the Water Treatment Facility
A first glimpse of Lake Dillon and Peak One in the Tenmile Range
A sure sign of fall in Summit County are the Rose Hips. 
Approaching the official trailhead
To get to the trail, head up highway 6 going to Dillon from Silverthorne. At the last stop light on the top of the hill (Lutheran Church on the left) take a left and then an IMMEDIATE right onto Road 51. A short distance up this road is a large, fenced complex for construction vehicles. On the right, as the road begins to climb, is a small parking area. There is a small sign pointing out the spot. Above the parking area is the Dillon Water Treatment Facility. The route actually starts on that property, so don't be confused.
Close up of the trailhead
Looking south along the rolling hills
Heading upwards
A dirt road exits the facility and heads southward along a now clear cut hillside. Around 0.25 miles is the official trailhead with an obvious U.S. Forest Service sign. From this point the trail heads upwards along the dry slopes of Tenderfoot Mountain.
Yellow Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus) is a late blooming plant that often grows near Sagebrush
A trail segment near a clear cut area
Looking north at the Gore Range
Sagebrush, and Yellow Rabbitbrush dominate the flora for most of the route. Lodgepole pine and Aspen make a showing as well as Lupine in the summer.
Views of Lake Dillon abound on this trail
A Lodgepole segment
Grasshopper identification is not easy. 
An Aspen segment with Lake Dillon in the distance
Looking north from the final bench at 1.25 miles
The end of the trail sign at 1.35 miles
Close up of some Yellow Rabbitbrush
Here are some milestones: 0.69 miles to the first bench, 0.90 miles to a power line tower on the left, 1.25 miles to a final bench, and 1.35 miles to an official "end of the trail" sign.

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