Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scenic Drive: County Road 18 to Pleasant Valley

The Yampa river winds through Pleasant Valley in the fall.

Pleasant Valley is a local name for a small meadow where the Yampa River and Sarvis Creek intersect. John Fielder photographed the area, which is why we took the detour to the spot on our way to the Flat Tops Wilderness.

Note the post piles of Blacktail Mountain. Hexagonal post piles are rare because lava must cool evenly for them to form.

To get to Pleasant Valley, drive around Stagecoach Reservoir on County Rd 14. On the north side, County Rd 18 splits off to the right. Don't go into the park, but stay to the left as the road winds further around the lake.

At the bottom of the road is Pleasant Valley

The road will come to a steep hill near Blacktail Mountain, a volcanic remnant, and then head steeply down through willows. Near the bottom of the road you can pull over and admire the view. At the bottom of the valley is the trailhead for Sarvis Creek.

The back side of Blacktail Mountain

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