Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wild Chamomile

Wild Chamomile

Wild Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) is as cheery as a summer's day. Just looking at its white petals basking in the sun makes me want to whistle a tune and take up painting. You can not admire this flower without smiling, quitting your job, and learning to tie-die t-shirts. It is a goddess-loving, age-of-Aquarius crooning, flower of flowers.

Called a weed by some, this plants seems to thrive in disturbed habitats like dry roadsides or empty lots. Flower power indeed!


Jann E. said...

Well there's the wild chamomile! Supposedly it grows here in the Black Hills of SD but I've yet to find it, and I'm actively photographing wildflowers in the area...for five years now. Nice shots!

Anonymous said...

I believe that is considered a noxious weed here in summit county. In areas with serious infestations, which are almost everywhere, it draws different types of insects which in turn draws different types of birds to eat those insects and so on. I've personally seen the different flies and birds. They are easy to pull up. Yank them.