Saturday, July 25, 2009

Purple Fringe

Purple Fringe (Phacelia sericea) should be viewed up close.
You can not appreciate the true beauty of Purple Fringe (Phacelia sericea) unless you get very close to it and notice that instead of being one large flower, it is composed many small flowers. From the vast distance of a hiker's eye to the ground, all these flowers blend in into a giant bottle-scrubber like plant.

I have only seen this flower twice this year. Once was on the Mesa Trail near Boulder and the other was on the slopes of Mt. Audubon. Both locations were dry and rocky. Purple Fringe blooms from June to August.


Tina said...

Such a vivid color to attack your eye! It almost reminds me of our butterfly bush in shape and color. Neat photos!!

Linda said...

So this is what it looks like in the wild! It's grown as a green manure here, and I was thinking of ordering it for my allotment plot. That might sound strange to you!