Friday, November 28, 2008

Stained Glasss in the Allenspark Community Church

This fall, I went hiking with a friend up near Allenspark (Elevation 8,504 ft). He took me to check out the stained glass in the Allenspark Community Church. Each one of the windows represents a different Colorado Wildflower. The church was not open, so I ended up taking pictures of the stained glass through the windows themselves. They are quite striking. If you are visiting Estes Park, or driving the Peak-to-Peak highway for a Sunday drive, stop in. Add a late breakfast as the Meadow Mountain Café and you have the makings of a lovely outing. The artist used to have a web site that described his work and some history of the church. This web site is no longer working.

Reflection of the window with hints of Allenspark beyond

Golden Banner window

Outside of the church


Patsy said...

They are just beautiful windows.

Anonymous said...