Friday, November 28, 2008

Secret Hike near Allenspark

When lakes dry up they slowly turn into meadows. This small one was turning golden in the Fall.

It is the day after Thanksgiving and going over some recent hikes. On this day, two friends and I wandered off the beaten path near Allenspark. So close to Estes Park, the trails are usually mobbed. This unmarked area was deserted and we found some stunning views, and wonderful picnic spot, and a meadow turning golden with the change of seasons. For large sums of money, I might reveal the location of this hike, but your credit better be good!

Mt. Meeker (13,911 ft)

View from the trail. St. Vrain Mountain (12,162 ft) on the left.

Rocks formations in St. Vrain Canyon

My friend John. Perhaps you can bribe him to show you his secret hike!

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Tina said...

These are some stunning photos! It would be so nice to go hiking and have these mountains stare down upon you...not so in Pa! ha ha Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)