Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 1: Summit Peak Trail Porcupine Wilderness State Park

Distance: 0.5 miles
Elevation: 1,678 - 1,978 ft
Elevation Gain: 300 ft.

View from the upper viewing platform

Summit Peak is 20 miles in from Silver City. It is a short hike of only 0.5 miles. Don’t bypass this trail for that reason oh seasoned hikers. The view is well worth swallowing your pride and strolling with the tourists.

Color at the trailhead

It starts out in the trees and ascends quickly uphill before transitioning to a series of boardwalks and stairs. There is an intermediate viewing platform, which is very nice, but the view from the final wooden tower will knock your socks off.

Maple leaves on the trail

I was schizophrenically alternating between jumping up and down like a child on Christmas day and pausing reverently to gaze if not drool over Mother Nature’s bounty. In the distance you could see the deep blue of Lake Superior. Out on the horizon was an ore carrier. We were able to see several of those up close on our trip later in the week to Sault St. Marie.

View from the lower viewing platform

The first hike we went on in the Porkies was near the Lake and so the colors there had yet to appear. We learned later that the areas near the lake turn last because it is warmer. Warmer?!! I beg to differ. A tree might have found the shore warmer, but we certainly didn’t.


Shellmo said...

Enjoyed the endless fall views!

Nina said...

This is so hilarious. Back when you asked for some advice regarding where to visit in Michigan, I specifically didn't say anything about the Porcupines because I figured that you, being from Colorado, would die laughing. Glad you had a good time!