Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oregon: Riverview Nature Trail

Distance: 2 miles round trip
Bathroom at Trailhead: Yes
Date Hiked: 22 May 2012

The Chetco River can be occasionally glimpsed along the Riverview Trail in Loeb State Park Oregon
The Riverview Nature Trail in Loeb State Park Oregon, is a short scenic jaunt through a damp, moss covered world. I took my parents there on vacation last year and it was just one of the hikes we did that day. While a one way trip was sufficient for them, we continued on to the Redwood Nature Trail, which starts just where this trail ends. While the Redwood Nature Trail journeys through towering...can you guess...Redwoods, the Riverview trail follows along the Chetco River. With the lush foliage, you don't see the river that often, but the the trip is pleasant none-the-less.

The start of the trail is broad and flat
This Wood Rose is normally pink but has turned white just before its petals drop off. 
The route is damp earth and gravel with a few bridges, some twists and turns that required the parental units to take care, and the occasional encroaching root. On this trip it was early May and the weather was drizzling and slightly cold. In the dry season, this trail will take on a totally different aspect and a dip in the river may become an enticing prospect.

Eventually the trail narrows and the ferns close in. 
Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra formosa), provide splash of color in a world of overwhelming green
This is a nature trail with markers every so often. Pick up a brochure at the entrance if you wish to learn more about the plants that live in the area. We learned that Salmon spawn in the river and its tributaries, that poison oak is not just a myth, and how to identify the Western Hemlock, Red Alder, and Oregon Myrtle. To a Coloradan, these were all exotics!

A steeper hill that was problematic for my parents 
Ascending to the road. The Redwood Nature Trail is just  ahead. 
You get to Loeb State Park and the Redwood Nature Trail just beyond by driving 10 miles up County Road 784 out of Brookings Oregon. There are picnic tables and a campground in the area.

The local Sasquatchs have joined the "this section of road sponsored by" club.  I was tempted dump out my pockets next to this sign hoping to get a picture of the guardian.  I would be rich beyond the dreams of avarice!

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