Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bull Moose...Oh MY!

As fall approaches, so does the Fireweed and the occasional Bull Moose.  This hunk of burning love (tis that time of year) was over 6 feet tall, and drew a crowd of onlookers.  In the fading light I captured a few grainy shots.  I should have run back for my tripod but like most of the other female groupies I was enraptured by his 4-foot "wing span", towering manliness, and and two-foot "bell" (the flap of skin that hangs down below the chin). While there was a younger male Moose nearby, this mature specimen was all we had eyes for.

Don't let this pastoral scene fool you.  This Bull Moose was very large indeed. While he was primarily interested in chomping down on the Fireweed covering this open meadow, it would not take much to provoke him into a charge. I was hunkered down behind some shrubs, trying to blend in with the scenery as I watched him. 
You can tell the rut is approaching, because this Moose has been scrapping the velvet off his antlers. Only used to impress the ladies, they will fall off as soon the "season" is over.  
After last summer's oddessy of stalking my first Moose, having this immensely huge animal walk right up to me (I kept having to back away) was almost too easy. Seems like the number of Moose sightings have increased this year and if this boy has anything to say about it, the population will continue to increase.


Janice K said...

What a guy! and he poses in such a beautiful place.

KT said...

We saw a moose fairly close when at Glacier National Park...since we were several miles from the trail head, I moved by quickly and didn't stop to take a picture!

Sara said...

Saw three of them a couple of weeks ago while hiking in the Indian Peak Wilderness area.