Monday, April 30, 2012

Arches National Park: Trip Preview

Driving into the heart of Arches National Park
I went on the road last week to hike every trail in Arches National Park in Utah.  This fulfilled a lifelong bucket list item for me. 

What I found was that Arches was more than hikes to cool geological features.  It was really a journey through an amazing and vibrant landscape filled with chattering birds, amazing wildflowers, wild weather, and  those cool geological features.  Of course, the geology is a journey itself, back into deep time when the "lizards" where a lot bigger than today and this part of the world was the shoreline of giant inland sea. For most people though a visit to the park is really a scenic drive with lots of short hikes.   As such a visit to Arches will also be a journey taken with many of your fellow humans.  There are a few stops where solitude can be found, but not many. 

Blooming cactus
Over the next sequence of posts, I will blog each trail to give you a feel for the park and toss in information about some of the unique flora and fauna you will experience if you ever make the journey yourself. You will be able to find links to each of these posts in a special index found elsewhere on this blog and also in the list below (updated as they appear):


KT said...

:) We were in Arches a few years back and loved it; I wish we would have had another day or two...but I guess that is a good reason to go back!

Anonymous said...

How long did you camp for to do all of these hikes?

sylvia murphy said...

Hi, I did all the hikes in the park in 2 days but this was a planned hiking marathon of sorts. 3 days would be more leisurely.