Saturday, September 17, 2011

Scenic Drive: Co 129 to Seedhouse Rd

The Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area lies at the end of Seedhouse Rd north of Steamboat Springs
 There are a lot of scenic drives in Colorado, but I particularly like taking Co 129 north out of Steamboat Springs to Seedhouse Rd. On this route you will pass bucolic ranch land, lazy rivers bordered by colorful cottonwoods, some seriously attractive homes and then end up in the Mount Zirkle Wilderness Area. The day we took this drive, we were hoping to hike but Autumn had arrived and it was cold and rainy. We settled for exploring the nooks and crannies of route itself which worked out well. These are things you miss when racing to a trailhead.

The Elk River parallels Co 129 and in several places bridges cross it for pleasant views.
Another view of the Elk River
Once you turn on Seedhouse Rd, you are still following the Elk River, but the further one progresses up the road the less domesticated it feels.
Some fall color viewed from the side of the road
I love twisty roads bordered by color
The Elk River is much wilder at this point
This part of the river interested me because of the gouges carved in the rocks by the flow.
Angus cattle graze in one of the many meadows along CO 129.  The Elk River is further from the road now but you can tell where it is by the line of Cottonwood trees.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...loving those fall colors. We were in Colorado last year at this time and couldn't get enough of the golden yellow. Spent a week up at Glacier last week, but not much color...but still absolutely gorgeous!