Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ashcroft Ghost Town

Aschroft's Hotel View

Ashcroft is a small ghost 12 miles down Castle Creek Rd from Aspen. There are few buildings to walk around and some nice mountain backdrops.

Looking down the scenic valley

Blue Mirror Saloon

Ashcroft, originally Castle Forks City, was larger than Aspen at one point. It boasted a bowling allye, two newspapers, six hotels, and 20 saloons. What little ore that was there was quickly depleted, however, and the town folded by 1885. Much of the infrastructure was moved to Aspen.

old cabin

With all these Aspens, a fall visit to Ashcroft would be picturesque indeed

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PurestGreen said...

Utterly amazing - I just love this. We have places like this - old gold rush towns - in the area I am from in Canada. I never tire of the site of them. There is something so lonely about these buildings, hollow now in the midst of all the mountains and grandeur. Thanks for sharing these!