Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scaly Urchin Mushroom

Scaly Urchin Mushroom. The patterns on the fruiting body remind me of tree bark, or perhaps a pine cone. Judge for yourself.

It is not often that I get see mushrooms on the trail. They seem to grow best in the wetter and darker Spruce-Fir type of forest, which I don't get to visit often. On a recent trip to Native Lake in the Mount Massive Wilderness, however, there were shrooms galore.

The Scaly Urchin (Sarcodon imbricatus) has many names including the Shingled Hedgehog, Hawks Wing, and Hydnum imbricatum. It is apparently very common and grows at higher elevations in coniferous forests. I have also read that it is edible, but don't take my word on that!

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Linda said...

I thought a coiled-up snake.