Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lohr-McIntosh Farm

I used to drive by the Lohr-McIntosh farm all the time when I lived out east of I-25. It is located on Hwy 66 on the way from Longmont to Lyons and Rocky Mountain National Park.

One day I stopped to take some evening pictures. The sun was glaring right into my lens so none of the photos came out. I watercolorized this one though. To me it evokes the steaminess of that summer evening. You can barely make out the mountains on the horizon.

My timing has never been very good, and I have never been to the farm when it was open. There are numerious buildings and old farm implements that would be interesting to photograph.


Anonymous said...

Syl. I like the picture. Popper Bear

Anonymous said...

The website for the Lohr-McIntosh farm has changed from the link above ... it is