Sunday, October 4, 2009

Off to Hamburg Germany

By the time you read this, I will have arrived in Hamburg, Germany. I will be speaking at a conference there Oct 6-8. I have Monday to play tourist. I found this shot on several different web sites, so it must be one of the premier tourist locations. I will be staying nearby and hope to go running around the lake.

I am prepared for the journey across the pond with several movies and TV shows on my iTouch, noise canceling headphones, and my German phrase book. The latter will be particularly helpful. I was pursuing it yesterday, particularly the part about the "I am a (insert profession)" icebreaker. I trust these Lonely Planet phrase books implicitly to give me clues to the culture I will be exploring. This case is no different. The phrase book gave me two helpful examples. I am a farmer and I am a drag queen. I now know the two most important professions in Germany. Thank you Lonley Planet!

I will be taking a small camera with me so you'll have to suffer through a few posts on my experiences. In the meantime I have set my blog up to post several things automatically.

Bring on the German food and beer!


Nina said...

Here are some more helpful hints:

"Ich habe einen Bären Hunger." = I am as hungry as a bear.
Senf = mustard

That's about all I can remember from 4 years of German. But, it's food-related which could be helpful :)

Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip Little Fawn. Pupper Bear

Linda said...

Happy hols, gute Reise and all the rest!

Jann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is awesome! My daughter is moving to Denver soon. Have a great time in Germany.