Monday, August 31, 2009

Nova Scotia: Blue Rocks

The coastline of Nova Scotia consists of thousands of small crenulated inlets. Most are small and very scenic.

Blue Rocks is a small fishing community 8 km north and ocean ward of Lunenburg. We drove out there our first evening. It did not take very long and the scenery was very picturesque. We also drove north to Somerset. This is what we had anticipated most of Nova Scotia looking like.

A lighthouse decoration along the route to Blue Rocks
Reflections of the trees and rocks in the still waters of an inlet

Throughout the area, evidence of glaciation could be seen in the rocks gouged in continuous straight lines, a testament to the power of nature.

Whale watching and other tours leave from various small wharfs near Blue Rocks

This hard rock was scraped by a glacier as easily as we might scrape frosting on a cake with a fork. All of the rocks around Blue Rocks had this feature.

During Hurricane Bill, locals drove out to this area to watch the waves. Considering that huge granite boulders were being tossed up on to the road with every breaker, this behavior was foolish, but it won't be the last of such stories I will tell along these lines.

The tide was out when we drove out to Blue Rocks.

The sunset on the way back was glorious


Anonymous said...

Blue Rock pictures are wonderful. Nice eye Syl PB

Linda said...

I can't get over the stillness of the water in these shots. The scraped rocks are an impressive reminder of the power of glaciers.

Jon G. of MD with ties to Sydney, NS said...

My wife and I stumbled on Blue Rocks upon making a wrong turn from Lunenberg. With the houses pressed against the sea, this hidden treasure was breath-taking!