Friday, June 26, 2009


Lupine at the Acorn Creek Trailhead

Lupine on the Tenderfoot Trail

Colorado has been inundated with rain this spring, which has made for a bummer crop of wildflowers. Lupine (Lupinus argenteus) is one of my favorites. It grows on dry slows that are also covered with Sagebrush. Lupine is a member of the Legume family, which means the bacteria in along its roots return Nitrogen to the soil.


Jan Gorski said...

Sylvia - love your blog - we share common interests!

Can you provide more info on the hiking trail at Acorn Creek? Distance, difficulty, trail conditions. Google says it is hard to follow...

I'm heading up to Summit County to hike over the 4th of July weekend and am seeking new trails.


Jan Gorski said...

So are these two different trailheads? Looks like the Acorn Creek TH is from Silverthorne and about an 8 mile RT strenuous hike with confusing trails. Google on Tenderfoot Trail reveals many trails in disparate areas in CO - which trail did you see all this lupine on?

sylvia murphy said...

Yes, they are two different pictures from two different trails. Acorn Creek is located north of Silverthorne while Tenderfoot is located on the east side of Lake Dillon.

As I mentioned in my reponse on your blog, my post on Acorn Creek is scheduled to come out this Thursday.