Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aphrodite Fritillary

Ok, it is still decently warm in Colorado but I am already bemoaning that winter is nigh so I was going back over some photographs I took one day at lunch on Boulder's Mesa Trail this spring.

This butterfly was only still for two seconds, so I was lucky to get it in focus. I believe it is an Aphrodite Fritillary (Speyeria aphrodite) although there are several butterflies that look similar and you really need to see their underwing to get an accurate identification.

The females lay eggs on violet plants but will feed on any type of flower. Unlike some of their moisture loving cousins, they are found in the plains. It was HOT this past summer if you recall. You know it is hot when the poison-ivy was wilting.

Fritillary by the way is a fancy term that means a "butterfly with brownish wings marked with black and silver"

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